Joe Anderson, better known in the tattoo industry as @tatgunjoe, is a dedicated and passionate artist.  His illustrative style has helped him earn several awards at various conventions across the nation. Furthermore, he’s had opportunities to work alongside some of the world’s most renowned tattoo artists.  His focus and concentration on every detail of his tattoo work, as well as his devotion to creatively designing every tattoo, will ensure you receive a truly custom piece of art you can be proud to wear for the rest of your life.

Tackling most styles, such as realism, portraits and custom lettering, his main focus is illustrative or “newschool” tattoos.  Caricatures of people, animals portraying different characteristics, exaggerated flowers and pinups, are all represented in his portfolio.  Make sure to look through his tattoo portfolio as it is the best representation of his work.  To book a consultation to speak with Joe about your next tattoo, please send an email to or visit his website,, or stop into the shop and say hi.

Joe is a resident artist at Great Whale Tattoo.408 E Washington, Madison, Wisconsin. (608) 620-1977

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